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Underwater Showreel – Sam Spurgeon

Below is a teaser trailer for a short film by creative studio Future Deluxe. Shot at the Underwater Studio using anamorphic lenses and an Alexa XT.

During his recent trip to Iceland I travelled with adventurer Alastair Humphreys. We shot a short underwater sequence in the 2 degrees waters of the Silfra Fissure for this piece documenting his journey and philosophies.

Working with Director Ryan Hopkinson and DP David Procter, I shot the underwater part from this TVC for designer Issey Miyake’s “Nuit D’Issey” fragrance.

Directors Bison shot a series of live visual images for Coldplay’s Ghost Stories show. I lit and shot an underwater slow motion film for their track “Another’s Arms”. A trailer for the concert’s TV special with some of the underwater images can be seen below. Produced by Academy Films.

Working with DP Ben Fordesman, I shot the underwater parts for this anamorphic DELS promo. Read more about this shoot here

Another underwater collaboration with DP Ben Fordesman and another anamorphic shoot this time on Alexa Mini.

Working at the Underwater Studio, I shot the underwater sequences from this Walking On Cars music promo.

A short film communicating one of the RNLI‘s key messages regarding in-water safety, distributed virally through the LADBible network.

Director Drew Cox and DP Charlie Goodger wanted to shoot an ambitious underwater film for Sam Roman’s track “Uh Huh” on Roc Nation. We shot all the underwater parts of this promo at The Underwater Studio near London, using a Phantom Flex 4k in a HydroFlex Remote Aquacam. Lots of upside down running!

For BBDO/Partizan, I shot underwater sequences which were combined with high speed shots on the surface to create a “drowning on dry land” effect for the Irish Insolvency Service.

Working with talented DP Ed Moore and Director Phil Hawkins, I shot the underwater parts of this spec trailer (starting at around 2.50).