Underwater Camera Operator / DP – Sam Spurgeon

Sam is a London-based Underwater Camera Operator and DP with experience working in films, commercials, promos and TV. He has worked as a PADI Scuba Instructor and subsequently a topside camera operator. Sam strives to produce beautiful underwater images balancing creative passion with technical knowledge of camera systems, lighting and underwater housings.

Underwater Camera Operator - Pool

Underwater Camera Operator / DP Showreel

Below is a teaser for upcoming short film “Collision” from creative studio Future Deluxe. Click here to view Sam’s showreel.

Equally comfortable working in confined tank environments such as The Underwater Studio or open water such as the 2C/35F cold water environment of the Silfra Fissure (below), Sam can help you plan for a successful underwater operation that’s conducted safely and compliant with diving regulations.

Underwater Camera Operator - Silfra

Fully certified and approved HSE Media Diver #SC/558269/12 with up to date medical. This is a legal requirement for an Underwater Camera Operator working in the UK.

Certified and current PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor #192796. Experience diving in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America.

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Sam is on the ITV’s list of approved contractors as an Underwater Camera Operator / DP.

Sam has experience with multiple camera formats and how best to make them work effectively underwater:

  • HD to Netflix compliant 4K – 8k resolution
  • Anamorphic and Spherical lenses
  • Super slow motion
  • Arri Alexa SXT, LF and 65, Arri Amira, Red Weapon, Phantom Flex 4k and more
  • Raw and uncompressed recording
  • Surface camera control and monitoring

He can help you choose the right combination of team, lighting, location and technology that work best with your project and stay within budget.

Underwater Camera Phantom Flex 4k

To discuss any underwater projects you may have in mind (no matter how big or small), please get in touch. You can call 07726 567403 or email sams@oceanaspect.com

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